5 Tips For An Awesome And Memorable Engagement Session

Celebrate like you just got engaged! Cuz..uh..you did!

Having an engagement photo session is so important for a few reasons. Primarily, it’s great to have quality images for all your wedding planning needs (invitations, websites, decorations, etc.

Secondly, it’s a great way to warm up to the camera before the big day! This is many couple’s first time in front of a camera that’s not an iPhone. It can be a little nerve wrecking to go into your wedding with no practice or confidence that the photos will turn out well.

Best of all, it’s such a great “date” experience to help celebrate the moment. And who doesn’t want to blast that ring all over the gram! Let’s get snapping!

Location is Key!

The first question I always ask my couples is what location they’re considering. That determines the whole vibe! Here’s a couple questions to get you thinking:
Is there a place that’s special to your relationship? Special memory? How is the weather going to affect your outfits? Consider doing 1-3 locations for the ultimate engagement session!

Gather Inspiration!

Find inspiration via sites like Pinterest and Instagram! Consider a few things when planning your photos: A theme, perhaps? (i.e. elegant, fun, edgy, casual at home, artsy, inspired by a movie, etc.) What will make you feel the most confident? Outfit wise? Browse poses so you have an idea of what to expect at the session!

Pop a Bottle!

If you like the occasional bubbly, bring a bottle (or two) of cheap champagne! Not only does it make for a super cute picture, but also makes for a nice toast to get you loose. (If you two like shots, beer, a smoke, just adjust! Make it you.) The last thing you want to be is stiff in your photos. So why not let a little loose? This will be a fun date to celebrate your love! (I’m just the third wheel, hype woman, following you with a camera.)

Plan a Mini Adventure!

For the best possible engagement session, let’s make it an adventure! I can follow you through the city as you run through the streets and stop for ice cream. We can go on a beautiful hike to the lake. Or I can set up a luxury picnic with elegant snacks or your favorite pizza! Whatever your dream date is, consider making it happen!
You’ll have a freaking incredible time, unique photos, genuine candids, and a mini honeymoon moment. Let’s have fun!

Think About Doing It Right After The Proposal

This tip is for those of you who have found this article before the actual proposal! Consider proposing and then having the engagement photo shoot right after. Just make sure everyone is in their best attire or bring a change of clothes and let’s get to shooting. Not only do you get to capture the moment beautifully, but your emotions and heart will be pumping! It’s one of the best times to schedule a shoot since you both will be on cloud nine and enjoying every moment. Natural smiles and passion make for the best photos!

If you’re looking to schedule an engagement session, I’m happy to be your guide and local Denver photographer! Don’t hesitate to reach out or book automatically!

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