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Hi it’s Jasmine (or Jas, pronounced Jazz)! I’m an Orlando native, born and bred. But I recently took an 1,800 mile trip across the country to call Denver my new home. After Covid-19 hit, I was out of a job and struggled to find work that I was passionate about. So I decided to dive right into a full time career as a photographer and digital creator. The journey so far has been exhilarating, emotionally fulfilling, and overall successful. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people who need their stories captured and hung in a museum forever.


As you can guess, I’m obsessed with all things media. I picked up a cheap camcorder back in high school, took a photoshop class, and never looked back! Today, I specialize in weddings, portrait photography, and small business content creation. Plus, whatever other creative endeavor or artwork is floating in my brain that day. Overall, I love creating unique and eye catching media that makes a statement. Furthermore, I love to see people grow and enjoy photos where they can see the beauty in themselves.

I treat every photo, video, social media post, or flyer like it were my own. So I want your project to look incredible. I’m going to go the extra mile. My mom taught me that everything I do has my “name on it.” It’s true, and I wouldn’t want to try any less than 100%.


Anyways, we’ll probably get along if you’re into food, adventure, binge watching Netflix, social justice, or all of the above! When I’m not working (which is rare), you can catch me at the rock climbing gym, on a hike with my pup, chilling with the homies, or shooting personal projects.


What more do you want to know? Here’s some fast facts:

  • I’m a Third Degree Black Belt and World Martial Arts Champion
  • I have a cat and dog named Tobias and Maui
  • I love to travel, try foods, and get tattoos
  • I have a degree in Critical Media from Rollins College #GoTars


If you think that I can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact me! I’d be happy to meet with you and discuss everything and anything that incites that spark of passion in you. So hit me with your business pitch, wedding details, and model portfolios! Hope to talk to you soon.

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