Expert Advice For Good Vibes On Your Wedding Day

Keep your cool and enjoy one of the best days ever!

There are shows like “Bridezilla” because unfortunately weddings can get STRESSFUL! You’re spending tons of money, trying to please and entertain multiple groups of people, and there are so many moving parts. How do we make sure the big day is actually enjoyable and magical?

A wedding planner can provide better insight into organizing, prep, decor and more, but I think photographers have a unique perspective to the timeline and happiness factor! We spend the whole day with you. Let’s make it easy to appear happy on camera because you are!

Trust Your Vendors

If you don’t want to stress out, make sure you can trust your vendors! Last thing you want to do is worry about who is where and if they’re doing their job correctly! Make sure that you are comfortable and confident in everyone’s work and it will make your day go smoothly. Pro tip: have a short conversation with everyone over the phone, if you can. Make sure you vibe well with their personality. I’ve witnessed vendors get fired after the initial meeting and it’s not pretty for anyone (yikes).

Have Some Go-To People

If you aren’t hiring a wedding planner, then you need to have your go-to squad. This is often parents, best man/maid of honor, siblings, etc who you can count on to put out any fires and set up the most perfect day. If a vendor can ask them a question instead of you, then I promise you’ll be so much happier. Being the leader on your wedding day can take out a lot of the fun. So let’s keep the good times rolling and lean on someone else for the day. You’ll still have final say.

Create a Family List

Family/group photos are actually the most important to plan. If you have a large family, we want to make sure you have pictures with all the various groups. And we shouldn’t waste time corralling who’s who and figuring out who hasn’t taken a photo. Write out each group and appoint an assistant who knows everyone to help the photographers switch groups in and out. Keep it quick, relaxed, and get all the shots! “Next!”

Minimize Stress Ahead Of Time

Think of some of the possible situations and/or people who could cause stress on the big day. Handle it ahead of time. Trust me. Have the baby nap when needed. Ask you-know-who to chill. And celebrate your big day with cooperation!

Have An Unplugged Wedding

Ask your guests to put their phones down and enjoy the moment. This will also help avoid them wandering into shots, and make for the best photos. Live in the moment and let the professionals handle the rest!

It’s so important that your big day is everything you dreamed of! Not only is it the start of a new story, it’s also a huge financial investment. Keep your cool and enjoy the good vibes on your big day. If you need a chill, ninja sidekick on your big day, look no further! I’m your Denver wedding photographer! Contact me and let’s make your day special.

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