Find your answers to my most frequently asked questions below!


Portrait Specific


What should I expect at our photo shoot?

Feel free to bring inspo and your own style to our shoot. Otherwise, I’ll be your style guide, coaching you through poses, and hyping you up! I like to plan a few must-have moments and locations, then “go with the flow.” We’ll hopefully be stumbling upon beautiful locations, laughing when I ask you to “drunk walk,” sharing our favorite stories, and feeling like a model by the end of it. Hopefully I don’t trip or back up into something (ok, it might happen once or twice).


I like to have fun! So let’s just pretend I’m your best friend with a camera for the next hour!


When will I receive my photos?


After our shoot, you’ll receive a “proofs” gallery within 2-3 business days. Then, I’ll await your selection of favorites. After that’s finalized, I’ll edit and upload your final gallery photos within 2-3 business days. Times may fluctuate during busy seasons. However, photos are delivered typically within 7 days from the date of the photo shoot.


Where can I see your pricing and availability?


Check out my booking page via Calendly for my most up to date availability, standard packages, and pricing.


If you don’t see your date/time available, feel free to message me (just in case I can move things around). If you need a specialized package, please reach out!


Do you offer any discounts?


I am currently offering the following discounts:

  • 10% off your first photo shoot when you subscribe to my email list
  • 10% off photo packages for college students (ID required)
  • Schedule a group photo session with 3 or more people and qualify for mini sessions pricing (consider headshots, grads, birthdays)
  • 30% off photo sessions with a monthly membership


I will take the discount off the final invoice. So feel free to book directly!


What if I want more photos after I see my proofs?

My packages come with a base number of photos that are included! But, if you see so many great photos that you absolutely love, then you have the option to purchase additional photos for a small fee! Extra edited photos start at $12/image and can be sold in bundles.


Why don’t you release the unedited (or RAW) versions of the photos?


Many photographers, like me, only deliver edited images for a few crucial reasons. Primarily, we want to maintain our brand quality. The same way a tattoo artist wouldn’t be proud of a half drawn tattoo, photographers don’t want their photos to be halfway developed.


Secondly, most professional photographers will shoot in RAW format, which is a much higher quality file produced by professional cameras. These “RAWs” hold so much information and are very powerful when editing (which also makes it more complicated– circle back to brand quality). Giving up these files for free is unfortunately not so appealing to photographers who understand their value.


Finally, you won’t want them! I promise you, that you’ll never want to sit through the thousands of photos and attempt to color grade, mask, or photoshop them yourself. That’s what you’re paying me for! Trust me and hire me because you like my style!


Do you charge for travel?


For portraits, the first 2o miles roundtrip are included from my location in Denver! Weddings get an included 60 miles! Need more miles? Extra travel is calculated at 53.5 cents per mile. Not too bad, right? Need me to fly out? Let’s talk and break a deal.


Who owns the copyright to the photos?


Photographers hold copyright to all the images, but you are allowed to showcase them for social media and other personal use as long as “Jas K Productions” is credited! Corporations may have some limitations unless you purchase a license.


If you’re ever uncomfortable with me using your photos publicly on my website or social media, feel free to simply let me know and I will respect your wishes.


Can we print the photos anywhere?


Yes! You will have a print release in your contract that allows you to print the photos wherever you desire! There is an integrated high quality print shop in your gallery, but you are under no obligation to purchase there! I do get a small cut of the sale, however the fulfillment is done by the print lab. (Definitely better than Walgreens.)


Wedding Specific


I’m having my wedding out of town, can you still make it?

YES! I would love to get out of town with you. We’ll talk about how to coordinate travel expenses and keep it at a minimum so we can make it happen! Going international? Or in Orlando, FL? I can cut you a deal!


What should we expect on the wedding day?


Just go along with your day as planned. I’ll arrive at our coordinated time, get set up, and start snapping away. When I’m just documenting, I won’t direct much and be stealthy in the background to get those candid shots. And if you need help with something, I’m there to hop in! Need some water? I’m running! When it comes to the photo sessions, it’s time to have fun! I’ll get all your family in and out and then we’ll go off on our own and have a good time. At the end of the day, I’ll pack up, wipe my tears of joy and say goodbye as I head home to backup all your files.


Do you offer a complimentary engagement session?


Yes! For all my wedding packages (not elopements). I think it’s super important that I get to meet my couples in person at least once before the big day. It gives us all a chance to get comfortable, practice being in front of the camera, and allows me to learn more about your wedding plans!


Can I see your packages for 2021-2022?


Send me a message and I’ll have a Wedding Guide in your inbox ASAP! More FAQ’s and tips in there!