Top 34 Locations For A Photo Shoot in and Around Denver, Colorado

So you’re getting engaged or already popped the question and need to find the perfect location to take your “Save the Date” photos.

Well, I have good news for you, friend! I’ve compiled a list of my top recommendations for locations in and around the Denver area just for you.

Let’s find the one that speaks to you, your interests, and your love story! 

Some questions to ask when you’re searching may be:

What is our budget?

How far are we willing to travel?

Is there a spot that is significant to our relationship?

Indoors or outdoors?

What’s the weather going to be like?

Do we want a special theme involved?

Once you’ve got the answers in mind, you can browse through the below to see which location in the area might fit the bill! 

1. Union Station- Downtown Denver

Starting off with one of my favorite spots to shoot in Downtown Denver! There are many locations downtown,of course but one of the most iconic and more classy locations is Union Station. This spot is like a fancy hotel lobby, complete with a bar, restaurant, and lounging areas. The train platform is outside but the real attractions are all indoors so less worries about the weather at this location! 

If you have a classy or upscale theme in mind, then Union Station is a great public and free option for engagement photos in Denver! 

Bonus: we can spend some time walking the streets to give you that fancy, “night on the town” vibe.

2. RiNo Arts District

Not venturing too far from the heart of downtown, you have RiNo Arts District for the artsy, more casual couple! Lots of murals, graffiti art, and colors to spark our creativity. This spot is great if you’re looking to wear something more casual or cool (think jeans, maybe a leather jacket, streetwear).

Pro tip: grab a quick drink at one of the many local breweries and then let’s meet up while you’re loose and having a great date night!

3. City Park

Overlooking downtown is City Park, a huge patch of green overlooking the lake, and a small skyline. 

Pro tip: If you come during the right season, we can stop by the Denver Botanical Gardens nearby. The great thing about this location is that the park is well-kept with lots of space to have fun and take photos. 

Parks are perfect for a semi-casual to casual vibe and provide that dreamy greens and trees backdrop. 

Aiming for a picnic vibe and a cute day in the park? Pair your engagement session with a luxury picnic right in City Park. 

1 hour for photos and 1 hour for looking into your partner’s eyes while you stealthily steal from their side of the cheese board. 

Talk to me about your options, I’ll handle it all for you!

4. Red Rocks

We’re venturing a little out of Denver with this location, but it’s a short drive for anyone who wants a taste of the mountains. Most people are familiar with the legendary amphitheater, but I like to shoot on the trails or spots leading up for a more natural and beautiful landscape. 

This is great for the adventurous couples who are (or try to be) one with nature. Sneakers or hiking shoes are probably a must, unless you’re a REAL trooper. 

I would go with a more casual-semi-casual look for the best photos and overall comfort. We will have to do a little bit of walking, but if you love the look, it’ll be worth it!

5. Photo Studios

We’ve covered a range of outdoor locations, but there are some other options to explore that come with A/C. There are plenty of photo studios available for rent in Denver that provide solid color backdrops, props, furniture, and more to make your photos come to life! 

Photo studios are a great option for those who want to do multiple outfit changes and shoot in shoes that aren’t made for hiking. 

Bonus: , if it’s too cold or hot out for your dream outfit, the weather won’t be a factor. Ideas are pretty endless when it comes to working in a photo studio, so bring your Pinterest boards and let’s brainstorm. 

Some great studios to consider:

The Headquarters/The Workshop by SNM

The Passion Project

Zuni Studio

Gasmoney Studios

Something Unique Like This Vintage Space

6. Clock Tower Events

Another indoor location that is super classy and includes a unique backdrop inside a clock tower! 

Rent this space out for your engagement pictures or (my suggestion) the ultimate proposal. This location is fancy, unique, and the perfect backdrop if you and your love are going for James Bond vibes. 

Dress your best for this one!

7. Hudson Gardens

Going back to the great outdoors, Hudson Gardens is one of those parks that hosts beautiful greenery, gorgeous seating areas, flower gardens, and even a red barn perfect for pictures! 

Your photographer will need to purchase a permit to shoot here which is something to take into consideration if you’re on a tighter budget. 

If this place feels like the right spot for you, I have an annual pass and no, I don’t charge my clients for it. I got you! 

8. Cherry Creek Reservoir

This is one of the closest locations in Denver where we can accomplish somewhat of a beach style look! 

If you’re having a destination wedding, or simply love the rays of the sun, this is a great option for couples.

9. University of Denver

When thinking about engagement photos, you probably aren’t thinking of a college campus as your backdrop. 

But the University of Denver is great for some variety! Fall is especially gorgeous with the turning leaves. Especially a great idea for couples who may have met in college!

10. Lookout Mountain

This spot in Golden is perfect if you’re looking for an overview point, without the added energy of completing a hike. Drive right up to the entrance and follow small, uncrowded trails to see the mountains and towering forests.

 A perfect spot for couples who want a woodsy look in the summer and a mountain top vibe in the winter.

11. Millennium Bridge

In the heart of Downtown Denver, Millennium Bridge is an incredible piece of architecture that will make your photos pop! 

Love the urban or edgy vibe for your shoot? Start here and make our way through the city, or easily spend 30 minutes at this one spot.

12. South Mesa Trailhead

About an hour drive from Denver, you’ll find South Mesa Trailhead in Boulder! This is another great option for an easy walk to mountain views. And yes, bring your pet!

13. Flagstaff Mountain

If you’re staying in Boulder, you can find one of my favorite locations! Drive up the mountain to some inspiring overviews and forest areas. 

If you’re up for it, pick a trail and set out on a little hike for an adventurous theme. Take full advantage of what Colorado has to offer at Flagstaff Mountain.

Some of my favorite, jaw dropping spots along the way are the Lost Gulch Overlook and Artists Point. 

14. St. Mary’s Glacier

This one is for the couples that are definitely down for a hike. The trail up is a little rocky and can take about thirty minutes to an hour depending on pace, but the final view is so worth it! 

You’ll see a serene lake, mountains in the background, and even a patch of snow (or the glacier) that exists year round! 

15. Garden of the Gods

Just about an hour outside of Denver is the show stopping Garden of the Gods. The name is incredibly fitting because these giant rock formations paired with greenery will have you feeling like you’re in another world. 

A very accessible location for those who want to get a little more formal while incorporating the outdoors. 

16. Red Rocks Open Space

Want to pick two locations? A quick ten minute drive from Garden of the Gods is Red Rocks Open Space which is exactly as it sounds. Red sands, mountain views, and plenty of open field space. 

17. Mount Falcon Park

Just outside Red Rocks is Mount Falcon Park! A little less crowded and more open space. Want less rocks and more trail vibes? This is a great spot, plus you get the Red Rocks in the background!

18. Red Rocks Trail

Another spot just outside of Red Rocks Amphitheater! During the summer at golden hour, I absolutely love Red Rocks Trail for it’s tall fields, mountain views, and if you’re lucky, some sunflowers!

19. Sunflower Patch

Did someone say sunflowers?! Just outside the Denver Airport you will find a beautiful patch of sunflowers in the summer and fall seasons. Now this location is private property, so we won’t be able to prance around the field, but we can take pictures right outside while respecting the space! 

20. Denver Botanic Gardens

Had a chance to visit the Gardens yet? If you haven’t, then this might be the perfect opportunity to have an experience while taking your engagement photos!

 I say that because the permit needed to shoot here is a little more expensive than other locations. However the views are amazing, so you might as well!

21. A Cozy Airbnb

Coming from out of town? Or just love the idea of a homey engagement shoot? Rent an Airbnb that’s well decorated and let’s get cute and cuddly! There are some wonderfully unique places in Colorado for rent and they will make your photos unlike anyone else’s! Maybe choose one in the mountains. Maybe even get steamy in a hot tub?

22. Larimer Square

A super cute area in downtown Denver, Larimer Square is an awesome stop to add to your downtown adventure! I loved shooting there during the holiday season with all the lights, decorations, and more. No matter what season, this area will definitely not disappoint.

23. Guanella Pass

Fall is one of the best times to visit Guanella Pass! Okay.. fall is one of the best times to shoot in Denver overall. Maybe I’m biased because I didn’t have a fall in Florida but that’s another story.

Anyway, choose this location if you want to take a scenic drive! Maybe the perfect spot for a road trip theme?

24. Loveland Pass

This location offers classic outdoor, Colorado mountain and tall tree vibes. Bring your dog, hiking is optional. There are a TON of dreamy spots right off of the main road though so this truly is a stellar option for anyone who wants those mountainside photos without the big trek. 

25. Centennial Gardens 

Frolic through these regal gardens in downtown Denver. Dress up a little bit or even go all out with a ball gown! This location has some elegant pillars, water fountains, and best of all precisely shaped shrubbery. 

26. Squaw Pass Road

Another awesome location during the warmer seasons is Squaw Pass Road! Just like many of Colorado scenic locations, you can catch tall grasses, Aspen trees, and mountainous backdrops. A little outside of Denver, but definitely worth a quick trip.

27. Chautauqua Park

If you’re willing to pay a small permit fee, Chautauqua Park, is another great option for your Colorado Engagement Shoot! This gorgeous park has hiking trails, Flagstaff Mountain in the backdrop, and naturally less visitors. Absolutely gorgeous all year round!

28. Sloans Lake

A free outdoor location with quintessential lake vibes. This is a great option for anyone who wants to keep it casual, doesn’t want to deal with the fuss of a national park/popular trail or for anyone who has dogs. 

There are a few cute bridges, lakeside spots and plenty of greenery to get the shot! 

29. Santa Fe Arts District

If street style shoots are more your jam, the Santa Fe Arts District is where it’s at. The background is so diverse with different textured buildings, colors, murals and more. 

Keep it casual, dress it up or do both! We’ll have a walk around and get a range of shots. 

30. Paint Mines

Looking to incorporate the Arizona/Utah vibes into your shoot? This is the spot for you! It’s just 45 minutes outside of Colorado Springs and the rock formations are unreal!

Dress it up or dress it down, this backdrop will work with whatever feel you’re going for! 

The permit to enter is a little pricey but it ensures the spot won’t be overcrowded! 

31. Confluence Park

This is a great location for couples looking for a semi casual, “stroll around the block” feel. There’s plenty of breweries and wineries nearby to kick off the day with so it’s totally doable to have a few before stepping in front of the camera! 

32. Downtown Denver 

Downtown Denver is such a versatile backdrop and allows for whatever vibe you’re aiming for. Dress it up, dress it down, daytime, night time, grab a brew, hop on a scooter, take a stroll… the possibilities are endless! 

Which is why it’s one of my all time favorite spots to shoot! Need specific recommendations on WHERE in downtown to shoot? Let’s brainstorm! 

33. Boulder Reservoir

Just 15 minutes north of downtown Boulder is the beautiful Boulder Reservoir! This is the dream location for lakeside views, classic colorado hillsides. 

Pro Tip: Head over in early summer time to see the lake at its best (water levels). 

33. El Dorado State Park

This gorgeous State Park is an incredible sight that has to be seen with your own eyes! It has rivers, trees, giant rocks, and all the other nature vibes.

I could talk for days about all of the incredible shoot locations Denver (and the surrounding areas) has to offer but I hope this gives you a solid place to start! 

As always, I’d love to answer any questions you may have or brainstorm more location ideas with you! If more than one of these seems like your dream spot, let’s chat about that too! Why choose one place when you could have two! 

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